Home Inspection

For our worthy clients, we offer home inspection services as well. It is basically a thorough checking of a new home that you want to live in. We check it from all the aspects and provide a written proof of each and every information related to your new selected home, so that you do not have to suffer later in any case.

We inspect all the portions of your home, i.e. basement, garage, ceiling, rooms, doors, walls, windows, electricity connections, gas and water supply, plumbing, landline phone connection and every nook and corner of your building. Besides, it is our duty to check your home from the security point of view. If anything needs repair, our staff will fix it.

However, it is worth-noticing that we check the home for the current time only and do not provide warranty for the future events. The utmost duration of our warranty is 3 months. After that, we will not be responsible for any damage or happening. It is better that some member of your home join us while inspecting your home so that you personally notice the problems (if any) and also be satisfied with our quality of service.

Besides personal visit, we also offer our customers an online inspection. So, you may apply for that as well. When the home inspection is complete, it is up to you that you decide to choose the home for residence or not. What our inspecting team will do is that give you detailed report of the examination in oral and written and suggest you regarding.

If any major defect is found, you can call the property dealer to get it fixed on the spot. If no such big issue is there, you can go through the provided document and can live there with freedom. We have a trained and professional staff that is well-aware of its responsibilities and known as the best inspectors all over Toronto. They are licensed and can check the unknown and apparently hidden problems in a home too.

We will also suggest you what kind of maintenance your home require and what is not important as such. The final decision is at your end. Our inspector will guide you like a family member. For more details about the home inspection and related services, you can visit our website, i.e.


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